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Sweet Pampering 74

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Chapter 74
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : Alessa
Proof reader: Waiting

Zheng Yuan’s slap not only beat Zhou Linna, but also scared everyone.

They haven’t done anything to Zhou Lina and they actually started fighting themselves.

Luo Qianqian helped Gu Weiwei, “Let’s go, It is late”

“I still want to see them fight.” Ji Cheng was reluctant to miss the good show, seeing Zheng Yuan slap Zhao Lina’s face, it felt amusing.

And she also deserved it. For her Zheng Yuan took this match and got injured on the stage, waiting for so long, yet, Zhou Lina didn’t care at all, it’s was not strange if she slapped her.

Ji Cheng and Luo Qian sent Gu Weiwei to change clothes, and standing in the curtain outside they asked.

“Weiwei, you already knew that you would win from Zheng Yuan.”

“No, I was just sure that my strength can win against her.” Gu Weiwei changed her clothes and opened the curtain.

“With Zheng Yuan’s heart who always wanted to win, in the last whiplash she would try to surpass me, so her leg injury couldn’t be avoided, and her sprained leg will take a long time to heal, so the chance to become the Chief of the Imperial Ballet will be lost,

and even the plan to go to the Royal Ballet will be canceled. This is the opportunity she waited for five years. ”

Mu Weiwei was injured because of Zheng Yuan, losing the opportunity to enter the Imperial Ballet. Now she has to pay back double.

“In this case, even if they won in the votes, they would actually still lose.” Luo Qianqian suddenly realized.

But tonight, not only did she lose in strength, but also lost in the votes. The losses are huge.

“But if she won, didn’t you have to serve Zhou Lina for one month? ” Ji Cheng said.

Gu Weiwei smiled mysteriously. ” I had a Trump card to make her obedient ah.”

She still had Zhou Meiqin’s photos from that night, as long as she sent a text message to Zhou Meiqin, it’s easy to make Zhou Linna obedient.

However, she did not expect that Fu Shizhen suddenly entered the broadcast and got himself involved in the votes.

The three people packed their things from school when they saw an ambulance in the distance take Zheng yuan away.

Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian supported Gu Weiwei to the roadside “Don’t Worry, We will send you home now, your feet are swollen.”

“No, I got a car and it’s coming soon.” Gu Weiwei declined their kindness.

Fu Hanxi called in the afternoon, maybe he already returned to the apartment now.

If she let them send her back, and they see her living with Fu Hanxi, it will be difficult to explain everything clearly.

When Luo Qianqian saw her insist, waited until her car was near and put her into it.

“Tomorrow I will help you ask for a leave of absence so you can rest one day at home.”

Gu Weiwei tiredly leaned on the seat, on the way to the Jinxiu apartment she went to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of Chinese medicine for swollen feet. It took a while to return to the apartment.

Just as she walked downstairs, she saw Fu Hanxi coming out from the inside and saw her limping.

“Why don’t you answer the phone?”

Gu Weiwei was stunned for two seconds, ” It’s in Silent Mode, so I didn’t hear it.” ”

Fu Hanyu reached out prepared to help her, but she moved two steps to the side. In the next second, she was taken by a long arm and lifted up, making her hug him to keep her balance.

Although her height is not short among girls, in front of Fu Hanxi’s height of 1.9 meters she is too petite and weak.

In the elevator, she was in his arms reaching to press the floor button and said.

“Where were you going out?”

Fu Hanxi looked at her coldly, “ to pick you up.”

“…… Thank you.”

To trouble the Director of the Fu group just to pick her up, It’s really a big Sin.

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