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Sweet pampering 76

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  1. Chapter 76

Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang

Translator : CubbyFox

Editor : Alessa

Proof reader: Waiting


In the surgery room of the Imperial Hospital (Top Rank Hospital)

Li Jiaqian and the Zhou Family came to the hospital and were waiting for the results of Zheng Yuan’s surgery.

When Zheng Yuan’s mother, Li Jiaqian, saw Zhou Linna full of  hatred, started shouting and pointing her nose.

“If something happens to Yuanyuan, I won’t spare you!”

Wang Fen looked at her daughter’s swollen face (which got hit by Zhou Yuan), so she was already angry. Now Li Jiaqian comes and accuses her daughter! She can’t accept it.

“It’s not My Linna who hurt her.  it was her own dancing that hurt her feet …”

“You …” Li Jiaqian was trying to to curse her, but when saw an elegantly dressed lady came up, she immediately covered it up.

“Teacher Fang, it’s already so late. What are doing here? Were you worried about Yuan’s injury, so you came over? Why not wait for the doctor’s diagnosis?”

That person is Fang Yuxi, Zhou Yuan’s teacher from the Imperial Ballet group,

“Yuanyuan is undergoing surgery, but there should be no big problems. It won’t affect her dancing.” Li Jiaqian explained quickly.

Fang Yuxi smiled and did not speak.

Ten minutes later, Zheng Yuan came out of the operating room.

The group of people sent the patient back to her room, there Li Jiaqian asked nervously.

“Doctor, how is my daughter’s foot injury, will it affect her dance in future?”

The doctor took an X-Ray Image and showed it to the few people in the room

“As long as her injury is cured, it will not affect the daily life. But, as for dancing, she will need to do a rehabilitation program properly for a few months .”

Fang Yuxi looked at the X-Ray Image and asked, “This Rehabilitation Program, how long it will take?”

The doctor thought about it and said, “Eight months to a year or more. If you are too anxious, you could get injured again. Then, I’m afraid you won’t be able step on stage for the rest of your life.”

Zheng Yuan already had a pale face, and she became paler. She looked nervously at Fang Yuxi as if she was afraid of something.

“Teacher, I will get better soon, I…”

“Zheng Yuan, you  also heard the doctor’s words. Your injury will take at least a year or so to recover, but the performance of the dance group has to continue.” Fang Yuxi’s face was cold and said directly.

“So, the chief the group will still be the former chief.”

“Teacher, I…”

Fang Yuxi did not wait for her explanation, and made a sudden decision for the group.

“As for the study in the Royal Ballet in the United Kingdom. You are already injured like this, to go there to study is also useless. The Imperial Ballet group will arrange other people for this opportunity so you can focus on your recovery.”

“Teacher Fang, YuanYuan has been waiting for several years for this Chief position. You clearly know it.” Li Jiaqian took Fang Yuxi’s hand and persuaded her. “She will get better soon, and you WILL give her another chance.” (TL : Literally mother Zhou is not asking, But more like ordering)

“Is not like I didn’t give her a chance, is was her that didn’t cherish the opportunity.” Fang Yuxi looked at Zheng Yuan on the hospital bed, with eyes full of dissatisfaction.

“This time the trouble is so big. You not only lost your face, The imperial Ballet group also became a laughing stock .”

Now On the Official site of The Imperial Ballet, everyone is commenting that all professional dancers in there are inferior to an amateur.

Things turned out so bad, it is already good enough that the group did not directly expel her, and she did her best.

But, waiting untill she comes back to the group and to become chief, did they have any shame?

As soon as Fang Yuxi left, Zheng Yuan clenched her teeth and hit the bed with hatred

“It’s all because Mu Weiwei! Damn you Wewei!”

She worked hard for so many years to get this opportunity, but now Weiwei ruined it.

If she knew something like this would happen today. She should have made sure to make Weiwei a cripple that year, so that she could not jump in this life.

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