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Sweet Pampering 77

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Chapter 77

Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : Alessa
Proof reader: Waiting

Zhou Meiqin received a call and brought Li Xiner to the hospital. She was wearing a hat and mask.

On the way, Li Xiner* saw Weibo and was very surprised, the Tag [Time of Black Swan] is in the Top 10 Trending List. (TL : Idk in original it was Zhou Meiqin, but Zhou meiqin still driving and the one have many fans in Weibo is Li Xiner)

In Her own Weibo comments section there awere a lot of sarcastic comments from the fans. She was so angry.

As soon as she entered the ward (Room in Hospital), she took off her mask and scolded Zhou Linna.

“You idiot, I already gave you such a good chance, but you unexpectedly did not hype yourself, and instead sent Mu Weiwei to the Trending Topic list.”

She was also scorned by the fans the whole the time, causing her to loose so much face.

Zhou Linna was slapped by Zheng Yuan just a moment ago; also Li Jiaqian gave her some lectures, and now Li Xiner is scolding her. She feels Wronged and really wants to cry.

“Everything was good, It just… I don’t know why suddenly Weibo’s King (Fu Shizen) came to support Mu Weiwei, then the situation reversed.”

In the original plan she was supposed to be Trending Topic tonight. Yet, now everything she does is only  profiting others (To make a wedding dress for others). She did Hype herself up, but instead pushed Mu Weiwei to trending Topic.

Now she is more upset than any of them, but what can she do?

Everyone is clear that it was the flow of theinternet in China plus Fu Shizen. He has so much influence on the Internet, even if he only said one phrase.

Wang Fen was distressed and hugged her daughter who had been wronged. “It wasn’t Linna who made mistakes on the stage, it shouldn’t be like this…”

“Don’t you dare blame her! My daughter is already injured like this, the chief position is gone, the opportunity to study aboard is cancelled, and you still dare say that…”

Li Jiaqian heard Wang Fen blame her daughter, and she was so angry that she could’ve pounced on her.

“Okay!” Zhou Meiqin pulled Li Jiaqian and looked coldly at everyone.

“Now let Yuanyuan take good care of her injuries. After she is fully recovered, I will find a way to send her to study abroad.”

Li Jiaqian looked at Zhou Meiqin. “Are You telling the truth ?”

Zhou Meiqin nodded. “Now don’t think about anything. Focus on recovering, and about the other things, I will take care of it.”

This is absolutely Mu Weiwei’s scheme to ruin them. Her skill is getting better and better. (Feeling annoyed)

Zhou Linna looked at the text message sent by Ye Mei on her mobile phone and said carefully.

“Aunt, Xiner,  cousin. Mrs. Ye said that there are already brokerage companies and record companies who have called to the school to find Weiwei, if… If she enters the entertainment circle, what should I do?”

Although she didn’t want to admit it, but Mu Weiwei’s face it’s too eye-catching, if they put it in the entertainment circle…

Li Xiner stared at her, if she did not make stupid mistakes, how could Mu Weiwei become an Internet celebrity overnight!

Zhou Meiqin’s eyes were a bit chilly, and said “Don’t Worry she cannot enter the Entertainment Circle!”

“Mom, what can you do?” Li Xiner looked at her strangely.

“Someone won’t let her in.” Zhou Meiqin took her bag and said, “I have an appointment to talk about something, you can go back alone.”

After she finished talking, she left the Hospital ward first. Then went to the parking lot, and sitting in the car, picked up her mobile phone to make a phone call.

“I can’t wait any longer. I’ll give you one week, no matter what method you use, in one week you must catch that person for me.”

“The price is more than what we numbered.” It was Wang Weidong’s voice.

Zhou Meiqin eyes were vicious. This girl if she didn’t catch her. It would only bring disaster for everyone.

“I will double it. I just need you to arrange someone to catch her. I will pay another 500,000 Yuan.”

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PS :
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2) I’m sorry if i get mistranslated in some part, I’m not native both English and Chinese. I Already try my best. And I already get help for editing so it’s better read it after get edited.
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