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Sweet Pampering 78

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  1. Chapter 78

Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : Alessa
Proof reader: Waiting

JinXiu apartment.


Gu Wei Wei took off 2 days from school to recover at home. At night she chatted with Ji Cheng using WeChat (Chatting App) until late. She only slept after 12 O’clock.


Suddenly someone knocked the door, she crawled out from under the blanket.

At this hour, The Workholic Fu Hanxi was supposed to be in the company, right?

She opened the door and saw  Fu Hanxi’s Private Assistant, Xu Qian.

“Miss Mu, the president asked me to bring you a meal. Please get up and eat it while it’s still warm.”

“Sent… A Meal?” Gu Weiwei frowned.

Xu Qian smiled and said, “It has been put in the Dining Table. If there is nothing else, I will rush back to the company.”

Gu Weiwei nodded. “You are working already hard.”

She Just sent Xu Qian to the door, went back to the Dining Table, sat down and prepared to eat when her phone started ringing, it was from Fu Hanxi.

“Has Xu Qian already sent it?”

“En, He just Sent it.” Gu Weiwei said, looking at the steaming food on the table, and said “Thank you.”

“Tonight I have a dinner party, so I’ll be late.” Fu Hanxi’s voice was warm and sweet.

“Well, you… If Your stomach is not feeling well, please, drink less wine.” Gu Weiwei thought about it and only said this sentence.

“Okay.” Fu Hanxi laughed lowly. “Quickly Eat, I’ll hang up.”

Just as he hangs up, Gu Weiwei is annoyed with herself, how can her mouth say such cheap phrase.

What is her relationship with him, ah. Why should she care about how much he will drink?

Recently it was really uncomfortable to walk, when Fu Hanxi stayed here and Weiwei was unable to walk because her legs hurt, he helped and carried her inside the apartment.

Last night after sending her to the room, he took the opportunity to kiss her face. He completely not put himself as an outsider.

After she ate the meal, she replied a few text messages, changed clothes and set off to a coffee shop near the pedestrian street.

Because Zhou Linna made some trouble, and Fu Shizhen mixed in and stirred everything up. Somehow she became an Internet Celebrity overnight.

Yesterday, she received phones call from four artist Agencies , so this afternoon she made an appointment with each agency representative  to talk about the details.

Originally, she wanted to wait for the art test before entering the entertainment circle, but Zhou Linna made such a fuss, that instead of promoting her popularity, she made her famous enough to enter the circle.

In one afternoon she already met four representatives. However, she did not immediately agree to sign the contract, but left the information and business cards. She needed to look carefully before making a decision.

She was sitting at the window while looking at the information of the four artist Agencies when a man in a pink suit and carrying a handbag sat down in front of her unceremoniously.

Then, the man, covering her face with contract and said: “Sign it.”

Gu Weiwei pointed to herself, “You are talking to me…”

The man took a lip balm and carefully applied a circle on his lips. “Mu Weiwei, sign your name, I am your new agent.”

Gu Weiwei’s elegant eyebrow slowly raised up. “Which one?”


It seems that it is also a Agency contract, but while other representatives are politely talking about it, he is the first one to directly give a contract ordering her to sign it.

The man put away the lip balm, took out his card case, with a girly orchid finger took a business card and put it on the table.

“I’m from Shi Yi (Time Billion) Culture Media Corporation, Qiao Lin.”

Shi Yi  Culture?!

As soon as she heard the name, she already knew who was sent this man.

Shi Yi (Time Billion), it was Shi Zhen’s (Shi Yi). (TL : idk 时亿,时奕 literally it’s “Shi yi is Shi yi) She knew that it was Fu group’s third Young Master, Fu Shizhen’s, company.

In these two days, she has been listening to the glory of the Male God in her WeChat group so she knows Fu Shizhen.

Shiyi Culture Media Corporation was originally a new company established by Fu Shi Group to set up Fu Shizhen to lead the business in the entertainment industry.

As a result, when he did not see any artists in the company that lived up to his expectations. The Young Master and CEO personally ran and mixed in the entertainment circle.

With outstanding looks and an impressive lineage, he soon became The Most Popular artist in the industry. So that’s why every move he did would have so much attention on the Internet.

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