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Sweet Pampering 87

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Chapter 87
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Alessa
Proofreader: Waiting
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They left the hospital and arrived at the apartment at 10 pm

She returned to her room to take a change of pajamas. After looking at the bloodstain on the left hand she walked to the bathroom.

When She entered the bathroom door, Fu Hanxi had already followed her step.

“What are you going to do?”

“…wash my hands.”

Fu Hanxi lifted her up and put her at the sink. After that, he rolled up the sleeve of her pajamas, took a towel and squeezed it, then, started wiping the bloodstain in her hand little by little.

After wiping her hand, he washed the towel and also wiped the dirt on her face.

“Weiwei, I don’t want todays event to happen again!”

Along the way, when he rushed over , he experienced a tension and fear he had never felt before.

Gu Weiwei’s lips were silent for a while and said with a smile. “Today was an accident, and it is only small injury…”

“Or do you want me to send someone to spy on you?” Fu Hanxi interrupted her words with a cold voice.

Gu Weiwei tried to smile while restraining her heart, but inside her eyes there was clearly a bit of trembling.

“Fu Hanxi, I am not your possession, Please don’t interfere too much with my life. ”

Is true that He likes her now, But it’s only because he still doesn’t know that she is Gu Weiwei.

In the future, when he knows who she is, he will only hate her.

Fu Hanxi’s deep black eyes suddenly went quiet. He slowly bowed his head and leaned in front of her,
“Then, If You became my possession, Will you be a little more obedient? ”

Gu Weiwei frowned and leaned back and then looked up. She put a little distance from him to look on to the mirror, but, suddenly, his lips came, her heart wanted to swear.

Crab, is he frickin’ kissing me again?

The last time it was in the study table, this time it is in a sink table.

Fu Hanxi leaned closer, His thin lips are strong on her delicate lips. The burning breath exudes a strong male hormone. He occupied all of her breathing.

She didn’t want to avoid the man’s strong kiss at the beginning. Their tongues entangled when she returned the kiss, but, a man’s warm hands even started exploring her pajamas and stroked her lower back.

She was anxiously moving, trying to hide, but she hid in his arms. The man’s hand wandered around her back, Finally stopping on the buckle of her underwear.

Gu Weiwei’s eyes widened in horror, and the moment her hand reached trying to stop him, the buckle of the underwear had been unlocked.

“That’s …….”

She grabbed his hand tightly. In order to prevent him from further action, but was unable to prevent his other hand from unbuttoning the pajamas.

Just when she thought she wouldn’t  be innocent tonight.

Fu Shiqin, who just came back from the outside, appeared at the door of the bathroom. He covers his eyes, screamed and ran away.

“Brother, why don’t you close the door when you do things?!”

Fu hanxi released her lip, lightly supporting his face against her forehead, and started to talk, his voice low and hoarse.

“Now do you know where you are wrong?”

Gu Weiwei repeatedly nodded. If Fu Shiqin did not come back in time, She would really be eaten and wiped dry tonight.

Although Mu Weiwei had slept with him, but, she didn’t want to sleep with him at all.

Fu Hanxi took a deep breath to calm himself a bit.

Then, before he took her down from the sink, He reached out and re-attached her underwear buckle and buttoned her pajamas buttons.

Gu Weiwei rushed run into her room and locked the door. She was shocked when she saw Fu Shiqin the in Living room at a glance.

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