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Sweet Pampering 89

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Chapter 89
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Alessa
Proofreader: Waiting

YiJing Court, Li Jia (Li Family)

Zhou Meiqin finished taking a shower and came out with her cell phone. Looking at it she still had no calls, her face looked a bit impatient.

Li Jiacheng, who was reading a book, glanced at her, “What makes you so busy lately that you can’t leave your Phone even for a second?”

Recently, she brings that phone everywhere, it doesn’t matter if it’s eating or taking ashower she always brings it. He has never seen her like this before.

Zhou Meiqin’s smile was a little stiff, “The Planning Department has an important project, it can’t be delayed.”

According to the time, those people that were hired by Wang Weidong should have finished by now, but, why there’s no Message at all?

Since the night incident at the hotel, she was scared every day and there is not even one night when she can sleep soundly.

She hesitated about calling Wang Weidong to ask about the situation when the phone suddenly vibrated a bit. she was immediately opened it, but her face changed instantly.

“I …… I will go to the study room to call back.”

Zhou Meiqin finished talking, hurriedly left the bedroom and went to the study room. After locking the door, she opened the message.

The Message was sent by Mu Weiwei, the content is a photo.

As soon as she saw it, she called.

“Mrs. Li, have you seen the picture?”

“Mu Weiwei, what do you want to do?” Zhou Meiqin trembled with anger.

At this time, they were supposed to have already dealt with her, why can she still send photos to threaten her.

“You still do not believe me.” Gu Weiwei smiled indifferently, and her voice suddenly turned cold.

“If you hire someone to come at me again, I will send these photos to everyone in the internet. It will be a Huge Scandal, maybe you will be even more popular than your daughter.”

“Mu Weiwei, do you dare?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can try it.” Gu Weiwei said coldly.

Zhou Meiqin took a few deep breaths and forced herself to calm down. ” How much, how much do you want to give those photos to me?”

“As long as you Well-behave a little and no longer come to make troubles for me, I will save these photos for you for the time being, otherwise…” Gu Weiwei smiled and hung up.

Zhou meiqin was holding the phone with her hand trembling in anger. She really wanted to crush the phone.

She was about to call and ask Wang Weidong why couldn’t he handle this thing when he already called her first, He roared from the abused phone.

“Zhou Mei Qin, you want to kill me, ah.”

“Wang Weidong, I also want to ask you, why is Mu Weiwei still fine? She can even send the photos to threaten me? “Zhou meiqin asked gnashing her teeth.

“You still dare ask me why, The two little girls you said we should catch, one of them was the favored niece of Minister Ming. If you want to die, don’t pull me with you.” Wang Weidong thought that the person who just came was someone from the Ming family. It made sense if all people he hired had no news at all.

The next step ist that the man in the House would find him, and all of this because Zhou Meiqin, now hebreally wanted to strangle her. (EN: after making JCC suffer the boss of the Ming family will look for WW to cause him trouble)

After Wang Weidong finished, he hung up the phone angrily.

Zhou Meiqin deleted the photos she received but couldn’t sleep at all.

The next morning she was ready to contact Wang Weidong for a meeting, to discuss the things to do.

However, Wang Weidong’s phone could not be reached. She could only call Wang Weidong’s company and the secretary answered the phone.

“Vice-President Zhou, Mr. Wang WeiDong had a car accident last night. He’s still in the hospital, so it’s temporarily inconvenient for him to contact you.”

Zhou Meiqin hung up with fear, did … The wounded Wang Weidong have something to do with the incident last night?
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