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Chapter 91
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Alessa
Proofreader: Rosie1004

Gu Weiwei’s hand held the cup and trembled, listening to Fu Hanxi’s steps getting closer and closer, she’s just sitting there and doesn’t dare to move, just like she has been petrified.

Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian put down the snacks in their hands and stood up and said to Fu Hanxi.

“Uncle Fu, We were just visiting Weiwei, sorry if we’re bothering.”

Fu Hanxi’s face got even more dark, looking at the girl who was sitting there with a guilty conscience as she bites her own lips.

“I didn’t know that. Since when do you respect me and love me? ”

Gu Weiwei laughed. “I have always loved you inside my heart, Uncle Fu.”

He was ten years older than her, calling him Uncle Fu, was not wrong Ah.

Fu Shiqin choked and wanted to laugh, but he had to restrain it.

Since Fu Hanxi entered the door, Luo Qianqian and Ji Cheng felt that the atmosphere of the living room was somewhat depressing, sitting there they didn’t dare to eat or talk.

The two looked at each other and decided to leave.

“Weiwei, we still have to practice the piano to prepare for the art test. We will be going back first.”

“I thought you said you would go after dinner.” Gu Weiwei said.

Ji Cheng had wry smile, Fu boss aura is so strong that they didn’t even dare to move, how could they have the courage to eat.

“No, we should go back to practice.”

Luo Qianqian put a stack of papers above the tea table and said.

“These are the results of the last mock exam, The teacher said that all the wrong questions must be corrected and rewritten by you, you can use the time while you’re home”

Then, two people put on their bags, and rush to run away

Gu Weiwei sent them out the door, then went back to the living room when Fu Shiqin was looking over her papers, his face looked shocked while he stared at her.

“Mu Weiwei, except for English, you haven’t passed even a single subject. What exactly were you studying at school?”

Fu Hanxi was astounded. He took a look at the test papers in Fu Shiqin’s hand, and his brow frowned

Gu Weiwei grabbed the papers back, and was a bit angry “I didn’t go to school for half a year, also i took a leave of school after the accident. it’s already good that I’m able get this score”

For the English Subject had the highest score in the whole class, but the other subjects… were really terrible.

“Don’t you want to use another excuse? is it really amazing for you to get fifty-three points in Chinese literature?”.Fu Shiqin sneered

Gu Weiwei bitterly stared at the red mark on the paper and sighed with a headache.

Chinese literature had so many ancient poetry, meanwhile in country A she didn’t have to learn these things, of course, she didn’t understand it at all.

Chinese math are more even abnormal and complicated

At the noble school in country A, she majored in art subjects, and they did not have so many exams. Also the exam questions will not be so abnormal like here.

She really was ready for the mock exam, but as the result, her grades were not impressive at all

Fu Hanxi looked at the sad girl, approached her hand and touched her head trying to comfort her, then smiled and asked.

“Would you like me to find you a tutor?”

Even if she was already registered to the Emperor Film Academy. With this test results, obviously, it will be hard to get accepted

Gu Weiwei thought, then nodded and said, ” You can get me a math teacher, for the other subjects I can find a way to catch up.”

Math was a real headache. While all other subjects, she only needs to read the book. With her extraordinary memory skill, she can improve her grades easily

Fu Shiqin asked with a ridiculing smile, “Catch up by yourself? Are you planning to exchange your brain with someone else’s? ”

There were only a few months before the college entrance examination, now her grades were so bad. She will definitely need to repeat next year.

“Fu Shiqin, what do you mean, are you saying that I don’t have a brain?” Gu Weiwei looked at him with cold eyes

Fu Hanxi stared angrily to Fu Shiqin, he said.

“He is talking about himself.”

“Huh?” Fu Shiqin didn’t believe what he was seeing, his brother stared at him with an angry expression

“Isn’t it?” Fu Hanxi tone was somewhat pressing

Fu Shiqin, under the pressure of his own brother, wanted to cry but had no tears.

“Yes, it’s me who doesn’t have brain. Since I was a child I never had one”

Gu Weiwei “…..”
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