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Sweet Pampering 92

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Chapter 92
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Alessa
Proofreader: Rosie1004

Because there were too many wrong answers in the exam paper, she quietly fixed them at home for the next two days.

In the afternoon, Fu Hanxi came back early from work. Seeing that she was still sitting in the living room, having trouble solving the problems, he called warmly

“Wei Wei, change your clothes, you should go to the hospital for a change of the bandage”

Gu Wei Wei put down the pen, and went back to her room to change clothes. When she opened her closet, she found out that all of her old clothes were gone, being replaced by the line up of the collection for the new season by a famous brand.

She opened the door and asked, “Where are my clothes?”

In the afternoon Aunt Wang said she would help her clean up the room, but it seems she was packing her clothes too!

“Everything is in the closet,” Fu Hanxi said.

“I meant my old clothes.”Gu Wei Wei said, a bit angry.

Fu Hanxi casually flipped through her homework, ” If you do not like these, I’ll order someone to buy new ones tomorrow.”

Gu Wei Wei bit her teeth and said patiently, “If you make me wear these clothes to school, other people will think that I am being taken care by a sugar daddy.”

Fu Hanxi thought for a moment and said, “Tomorrow people will deliver the right kind of clothes.”

After a long time finally Gu Wei Wei came out from the closet, everything inside was some kind of dress, so she picked a long-sleeve knit dress with fresh blue flowers. Simple and fresh, yet like a sweet and pretty girl

Fu Hanxi saw the girl coming out of the room, his eyebrows rising when he caught a glimpse. He praised her without hesitation.

“You look really pretty.”

You know, knitted clothes must be worn by someone with a good temper, specially blue colors. Ordinary people find it hard to stand out with that color, But, when she wears it, it looks so perfect

Gu Wei Wei’s cheeks turned red. “Let’s go, didn’t you say that a teacher would come later? My math test paper isn’t finished yet.”

When the two arrived to the hospital, He Chi was still talking to an elderly patient. when he looked at the two people coming, he said

“Wait for me for two minutes, OK?”

Fu Hanxi helped her roll up her sleeve. He stops moving trying to think how to avoiding making her wound bleed again. Then, He helped her open the tape first.

The old patient looked at the two people near them, his eyesight was not so good so he only saw that they were a man and a girl. The Man was tall while the female was small, so he thought they were a pair of father and daughter.

“Nowadays it’s so rare for a father to be so dedicated like him.”

He Chi, who was writing a medical record choked, his hand shaking because unconsciously he started to write the old man’s words

“Old man, that’s his girlfriend, not a daughter.”

However, Fu Hanxi is an old cow eating young grass. You only had to add a few years and he would be really suited to be her father.

He Chi said goodbye to the old patient, then walked towards the two of them to check the recovery progress of her wound

Thanks that Fu Hanxi had removed the bandage, he only had to replace the medicine with new one and then then wrap it, only taking a few minutes and it’s already finished.

Fu Hanxi’s face looked bad, He looked very gloomy and bitter (EN: he’s making a face like he ate something reaaally bitter)

Gu Wei Wei’s lips smiled funnily. “Didn’t I already told you, you look like my father, so why are you angry now?”

Fu Hanxi glanced at the girl who was laughing and gloating, answering with a deep voice “Not at all.”

Gu Wei Wei listened to the tone thinking it wasn’t right, and immediately said: “But you are much more handsome than my father.”

Fu Hanxi was a little surprised, on the way from the car garage he said

“Shiqin will bring your tutor, I have a video conference. I’m sorry. You have to do your homework alone. ”

Gu Wei Wei nodded, walking behind him and getting into the elevator. As soon as they entered the apartment, Fu Shiqin shouted from the living room.

“Hurry up, Your tutor is looking for you, He is your school’s super top student…”

Fu Shiqin hadn’t  finished when Gu Wei Wei came in to see the tutor he invited. Suddenly looking dumbfounded

Why the tutor he invited, would be… her “ex-boyfriend” Qin Law?! (TL : Qin Law = Qin Lu, But I prefer to use Qin Law)

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