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Chapter 93
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Alessa
Proofreader: Rosie1004

Qin Law looked at the two people who were entering, one by one, but his eyes were fixed on the girl wearing the blue knit dress. He doubted if there was anything wrong with his eyes?

“Mui Weiwei, is that really you?”

He already saw Mu Weiwei’s name on the paper and book on the table, it was indeed her handwriting

But, he still refused to believe that Mu Weiwei lived in the apartment of someone he knows

Fu Shiqin looked at both of them strangely. “It turns out that you two know each other, it’s better then.”

“It’s alright, Uncle!”

Gu Weiwei was secretly cursing. Look at him, from so many people in school, why is he bringing Qin Law!

Fu Hanxi realized that a strange gaze was coming from Weiwei, and fiercely looked at Qin Law.

Qin Law felt the gaze immediately and explained “ We were in the same Junior High School”

The fact is, his family always talked about a girl living with the Fu Family and how she was really obsessed with Fu Hanxi, but, he never thought that the girl would be Weiwei.

Fu Hanxi looked aside at the girl, and realized there was a small wave in her eyes

“Was he really your schoolmate?”

He felt Qin Law’s gaze was not like an ordinary schoolmate, and he wasn’t stupid

Gu Weiwei nodded, and immediately explained that they were just schoolmates.

“Little Law house is across the Fu family’s. His father is Qin Jiashi, which is Fu Jiashi’s friend. So since Qin Law was always the top student  we thought that it was enough to tutor you!” Fu Shiqin explained. (TL: Jiashi= Head of Household)

Gu Weiwei didn’t mind it, so she returned to the room to change her dress to home trousers. Then she took her math test papers and circled a few questions.

“Explain this to me”

Fu Shiqin patted Qin Law’s shoulder and asked: “Please teach this scum properly, so I can survive from death.”

His elder brother is famous, so wise and farsighted, how could he get a girlfriend who was so bad at learning? It would only bring shame to Fu Family

Fu Hanxi realized something was wrong with her, but he has to hurry to start a video conference, so he and Fu Shiqin could only go back to the study room.

After the two of them left, there’s only her and Qin Law in the Living Room

Gu Weiwei took back her math Exam paper from in front of Qin Law and then she buried her head to continue literature which she had not finished in the afternoon

Qin Law sat quietly there looking at Weiwei studying hard on the table, thinking how he had not seen Weiwei for nearly half a year.

The beautiful girl in front of his eyes was no longer cheerful or looked as shinning as when she laughed in his memory. That girl seemed to have gone far away, now she never looked sunny when she looked at him. (EN: happy, bright and cheerful as the sun. Like a naive child)

“Mu Weiwei, leave Fu Hanxi!”

“Huh?” Gu Wewei looked up… what was wrong with this crazy boy

“Fu Hanxi is a bad person, if you keep following him one day you will be in danger,” Qin Law said.

He lived in the Qin house, which was very close to Fu house, and Fu Hanxi rarely appeared, but everyone knew he had his own methods to solve his problems. He had also heard about them, but no one in his family tells him what exactly he was doing.

She was only 18 years old, how could she fight the old-fashioned Fu Hanxi, once he gets angry there would never be a good ending.

“ In this world is it normal for a few bad people to exist” Gu Weiwei said calmly.

It didn’t matter if it was Mu Weiwei or herself, she had already experienced it.

Qin Law saw that she still refused to leave and said seriously.

“Mu Weiwei, didn’t you always want to go to Italy to learn piano? After the college entrance examination is over, I will be able to take you there…”

Gu Weiwei’s eyebrow got wrinkled looking at this sincere boy in front of her, could it be that this kid wanted to elope with her?

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