Sweet Pampering

Sweet Pampering 98

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Sweet Pampering 98
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Alessa
Proofreader: Rosie1004

Gu Weiwei suspected him, but there was no evidence.

Meanwhile, Fu Shiqin knew it was him, but he didn’t dare to say it.

The math tutoring class didn’t work, so Fu Hanxi continued being her math tutor.

Every day after school. She didn’t review another subject, that means Fu Hanxi had more time to give him math lessons. Half a month has passed in an instant.

In the afternoon after school, Ji Cheng ran to hug her arm.

“Great God, I will have an art test next week, you have to help me.”

“Okay, let’s see the result of how you practiced.” Gu Weiwei nodded, and walked forward with her to join Luo Qianqian.

The two people took turns playing the five songs for the art test at once, Luo Qianqian had no problem, But, somehow, Ji Cheng hadn’t mastered the rhythm.

Weiwei gave her a few demonstrations of some small sections an Ji Cheng barely managed to master one.

At 8 PM, Gu Weiwei and Ji Cheng left the Luo House

“Great God, really, you live with a handsome man like Fu Hanxi… do you never think about it?”

“Think about what?” Gu Weiwei played the fool

“Think about sleeping with him ah.”

Ji Cheng said with excitement, “How many women in China want to climb to his bed? That value, that figure, you are like a pavilion close to the water*, do you really never think about it? ” (TL: CMIIW its idiom for ‘use someone’s closeness to obtain favor’)

Gu Weiwei calmly said “ No”

“Are you really a girl?” Ji Cheng hated iron for not trying to become steel* (TL: CMIIW its idiom for ‘impatient to see improvement’)

“Didn’t you want me to date your cousin? and now you are encouraging me to sleep with Fu Hanxi, you really are wishy-washy.”

“This is the dream of thousands of women in China, of course, this is also my dream. If you achieve it, it’s the same as my dream coming true” Ji Cheng sighed and said.

“…” Gu Weiwei was speechless, what’s with this dream.

Well, actually it can be said that her ‘dream’ already came true a long time ago now.

Even though she did not sleep with Fu Hanxi, but, Mu Weiwei did.

“Since you have this dream, I’ll give you the way ah.”

Ji Cheng repeatedly shook her head. “Don’t, if I see him I’ll panic, it’s just a dream, just dream”

That day with Boss Fu only standing in the living room she already felt it was so difficult to breathe.

The two of them kept walking, when Ji Cheng suddenly felt uncomfortable and, covering her stomach, she said.

“Weiwei, I am going to a bathroom. You can go back first.”

“Are you really okay?” Gu Weiwei looked at her face, which did not look very good, worried.

“No, you can go back first, it’s already late,” said Ji Cheng, then went to one of the cafe’s on the side of the street to borrow the restroom.

Gu Weiwei could only walk ahead first. When she arrived at the bus station, she received a call from Ji Cheng, who said pathetically.

“Great God, my period just came… Can you buy me menstrual pads in a nearby store?”

Gu Weiwei stared blankly in front “ Okay”

She went back to a nearby convenience store to buy them, and, then, walked to the cafe’s bathroom to them to her.

Ji Cheng came out from the bathroom and called her. Seeing that she was still waiting inside, she patted her shoulder.

“Great God, What are you thinking about? I already called you twice”

Gu Weiwei smiled. “Nothing, let’s go.”

When the two of them arrived at the station, Ji Cheng left first while she still stood at the station. Even the back of bus had already gone far away without her realizing it

Do not mention Ji Cheng, she had forgotten about her own period, But, according to Mu Weiwei’s menstrual count, she’s already late for one month.

She was reborn in Mu Weiwei’s body on the day she slept with Fu Hanxi.

Now, if she looked back to that night, she certainly remembers that ……. He didn’t wear ‘it’ at all.

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