Sweet Pampering

Sweet Pampering 99

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Sweet Pampering 99
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Alwaysminimin
Proofreader: Waiting

Gu Weiwei stayed at the station for a long time. After she calmed down, she left the station and found a pharmacy nearby to buy a pregnancy test.

Just after coming out of the pharmacy, her phone rang.

She hurriedly picked up and the deep voice of a man answered.


“I am preparing to go back.”

Fu Hanxi heard her voice trembling and pondered for a moment.

“Where?I’m coming now.”

“No, I’ll get a taxi right away.” Gu Weiwei said in a trembling voice. She felt a little guilty.

Fu Hanxi repeated, “Where?”

Gu Weiwei felt depressed. Even if she doesn’t say anything, the guard who secretly protects her will report her whereabouts to Fu Hanxi.

She finally tells him where she is at.

Ten minutes later, a black Bentley stops at the side of the road. She opens the door and gets in the car.

In the car, Fu Hanxi was talking on the phone. It took a few minutes before he finally ended the call. After hanging up, he looked at the girl. She look depressed.

“Not happy?”

“No, the wind blowing gives me a little headache.” Gu Weiwei said. After saying that she felt a little guilty and so she hugged her bag to her chest tightly.

After she said that she had headache, a warm hand covered her forehead to make sure that there was no fever. After checking that there was no fever, he removed his hand

After removing his hand from her forehead, he moved his hand to the side of her head and leaned it against his shoulder

“There’s still a long way, you can take a rest for a moment”. (TL: –” the apartment is only 10 minutes away. )

Gu Weiwei is sitting upright in her seat with her arm holding the bag with the pregnancy test. She secretly prays that the final result is not what she think it is.

Mu Weiwei really wants to kill her. She left her with so many messes and now if she really is pregnant, she most definitely will kill her.

The two returned to the Jinxiu Apartment and just as Xu Qian parked the car, she opened the door and went out leaving the two behind.

Fu Hanxi got out of the car and saw the girl leaving in a hurry. His sharp eyebrows raised up as he questioned why she left in a hurry.

Gu Weiwei went upstairs first and ran straight back to her room to hide “the things” in the bag.

As a result, she collided with Fu Shiqin, who was holding a cup of hot cocoa. His hot cocoa was spilled onto her clothes.

“Fortunately, my hot cocoa was at a low temperature, or you would have gotten burned.”

Gu Weiwei patted the stain on her clothes and saw a brightly colored donuts on the table.

“A big man who eats sweets, you are abnormal.”

“I took a leave of absence for half an hour to get in line for the donuts and I was going to give you two, but now I won’t give you any of it.” Fu Shiqin said while taking away the plate full of donuts.

Gu Weiwei went back to the room and locked the door. She took out the pregnancy test out of the bag and sighed.

She was trying to check ‘it’ out and hopefully no one knew about it. At that moment there was a knock at her door.

“Weiwei, dinner is ready.”

She changed her clothes and went to open the door to eat.

While they were eating, Fu Shiqin was the only one eating a doughnut and drinking sweet hot cocoa.

Fu Shiqin looked at her. “If you want to eat it make me the biscuits you baked last time, they were delicious. Next time you bake it, give it to me and make it sweeter than last time.”

Fu hanxi quietly glanced at him. Fu Shiqin fidgeted and immediately said something different.

“I mean if you bake biscuits for my brother again, you give me a little, okay.”

Yes Yes Yes, his elder brother doesn’t even ask her to make biscuits for him, and yet as his younger brother how can he dare ask her to make some for him.

Gu Weiwei quietly returned to her room after dinner. She took the pregnancy test that was wrapped in her clothes and went to the bathroom.

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XD I’m panicking when Read part “ in the bag Rang” , I read it ‘bang rang’ it’s Chinese word mean ‘Help’ , but I’m pretty sure it’s was not fit to the sentence, so I search in online dictionary is indeed it’s mean ‘Help’

Then I re-read the Raw, and I realize, THAT WAS WORD NOT FROM CHINESE RAW, IS IN ENGLISH, it was BAG not BANG

Why I translate English to English,

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Ah, for chapter 98, thanks to Alessa realize I’m wrong to set the schedule,

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