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Sweet Pampering Ch 114

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Chapter 114 did she really need to hug Fu Hanxi’s thigh?

It was not until midnight that Gu Weiwei finally finished reading the original novel of ChangFeng.

The next day, She went to Qiao Lin on time and went to the audition.

In addition newcomers like her, there also had some famous Actresss.

 Qiao Lin looked at the Actress who came to the audition and handed the script to her.

“The male lead and heroine have already been fixed, Tang Shaoqi this role, you try your best.”

The film Actor needs talent and temper. Mu Weiwei, although surprisingly beautiful, is too young to perform.

Today, there are several Actresss who have been mixed in this industry for a few years.

In particular, he also saw the Actress, Shen Qiu who nominated the Golden Phoenix Awards Best Female Supporting Actress last year.

Therefore, Mu Weiwei is definitely hopeless.

“Ok.” Gu Weiwei took the script and concentrated on it.

The script is written for Tang Shaoqi so she have to perform an complete act (in front the judges) in two minutes.

In ChangFeng, Tang Shaoqi is a antagonist, and she always use men’s clothing in the drama (play).

After Tang clan, entire family a brutally get exterminate, She wants to revenge and seeking refuge in the court, for the court find who hired thugs to killing.

Male lead is the knight who been travels since a young age, and he is also the object of her admiration, but male lead does not know that she is a female.

This time they met after so long time, she received orders to assassinate heroine and her whole family, and male lead came to save heroine from her hands.

She enter the family to exterminate an entire family, her hands are covered with blood, and she sees a man she once liked. This is a scene is the most challenging acting of Tang Shaoqi.

She silently played a few times and got up and went to the bathroom. On the way back, she saw the casting director and assistant politely send Shen Qiu, who had just auditioned.

“Li Dao, is Tang Shaoqi role, is it set for Shen Qiu?” asked the assistant.

Among the many Actress auditioned today, only Shen Qiu’s performance was confirmed by the director, and it was the Actress who nominated the best female Supporting Actress last year. The acting is of course will easily pass.

“As soon as possible with Shen Qiu’s agency company sign a contract, she has a very full schedule.” The casting director confessed.

“But, aren’t there still a few that haven’t been auditioned?” The assistant glanced at Gu Weiwei, who was behind them, and said, “I just saw that there is a particularly beautiful participant inside.”

“What do you say about the Internet celebrity black swan?”

The casting director pretending to see the people behind him, said without hesitation.

“What is she doing now? Did she want to be in a movie?.”

“However, the real person is really pretty,” the assistant whispered.

“Okay, to make a movie this kind beauty plastic surgery is useless after all you can’t have a mirror on your face all the time. It’s useless to only look beautiful.” The casting director finished and walked into the audition room.

 Gu Weiwei walked behind the two and sighed with a sigh of relief.

Is it beautiful plastic surgery?

She knows about plastic surgery but look at this eyes it is obviously a natural beauty.

Going back to the prepared meeting room, Qiao Lin looked at her and said it directly.

“The next one is you, but it seems that they have already set for Shen Qiu, so you only merely walk there for formality.”

  Gu Weiwei sighed, the agent did not have confidence in her, and the casting director also determined that she was an Internet celebrity that only have face without acting. Is the entertainment circle in China so difficult to enter?

Is really hard, did she really need to hug Fu Hanxi’s thigh? (Cling to Fu Hanxi power)

This kind of thought have to gone, she decided to fight with her own strength.

“Take me one thing.”

“What?” Qiao Lin looked at the eyes of the phone and did not lift it.

  Gu Weiwei reached out and took out the gift box in his bag and opened it with a dark silk scarf.

“Let’s put it down, this is the birthday present I bought for me, I can’t borrow you.”

“I will use it.” Gu Weiwei said, she has already got it.

The crew members shouted at the door, “Mu Weiwei, come here.”


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