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Sweet Pampering Chapter 22

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
translator : CubbyFox
Editor: Arutia

“Who takes a bath in the morning?” Gu Weiwei argued.

“My brother has always been taking a shower before going out in the morning. Didn’t you just peek at him?” Fu Shiqin smirked.

“…” Gu Weiwei was speechless.

Mu Weiwei really went to peek at Fu Hanxi’s bath before, but she is not Mu Weiwei, so she can’t tell them that.

The doorbell rang and Fu Shiqin went to open the door. Xu Qian came to give the clothes and breakfast.

Fu Shiqin took Xu Qian’s shoulder and pointed at Gu Weiwei.

“Xu Xu, guess, who is she?”

Xu Qian gave him a look as if he was a fool and greeted Gu Weiwei.

“Miss Mu, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“I didn’t recognize her at first. How did you know it was her?” Fu Shiqin was not convinced.

Xu Qian did not answer him and directly walked to Fu Hanxi to give his clothes.

Seeing that, Gu Weiwei went to give Xu Qian slippers to wear.

Not long after that, Fu Hanxi came out from the room wearing his new set of clothes.

A hand-tailored blue business suit, a silver-gray tie that was placed meticulously, and a shirt that had luxurious and exquisite cuff links. All in all he exuded a sexy vibe from head to toe.

He glanced at Xu Qian. “Did you already bought it?”

Xu Qian took a card from the pocket of his suit and handed it over.

“I have already asked Ming Lao, the value of the game is now at 300,000, so here’s the 300,000.”

Fu Hanxi took it and put the card in front of her.

“This is the price after the appreciation of the game, your reward.”

Gu Weiwei took the card and said it sincerely.

“Thank you, but… I didn’t mean it, really!” (Her peeking on him lmao)

When she just woke up she totally forgot that he and Fu Shiqin stayed in last night.

“I know.” Fu Hanxi said cooly.

“I know, you didn’t deliberately peek, let’s go eat.”

Fu Shiqin swallowed a steamed dumpling and turned the TV on. He wanted to see the morning news.

“…” Gu Weiwei felt like dying.

The expressions of these two people showed they did not believe what she said.

Mu Weiwei was crazy for Fu Hanxi, but now she can’t tell them that she is not Mu Weiwei. In the end, Mu Weiwei’s dark past will keep following her like a shadow.

Xu Qian saw her getting embarrassed and made a sound.

“Miss Mu, can you help take out the tableware?”

Gu Weiwei turned into the kitchen to get a bowl and spoon, and when she came out, she saw a news being broadcasted on the TV.

“The people from the internationally renowned film has been praying for her because of heart disease for several years. In the past few days, she was successfully treated for heart disease through transplant surgery. She was discharged from the hospital yesterday and received numerous congrats.

The Gushi Group dispatched hundreds of security personnel to maintain order, and Gu Shizhen, the president of the Gushi Group, and the wife of the Chairman of the Gu Group, visited St. Paul’s Hospital to welcome the film and release it…”

“Gu Sizhen must have a leg with this surname Ling…”

Fu Shiqin complained while eating something.

On the TV, Gu Shizhen’s figure only appeared for a few seconds, an elegant gentleman that showed he has talents.

The eyes that used to look at her are now only looking at the person on the wheelchair.

Her heart felt like it was dug out of her body.

She looked at the picture on the TV,  and her hand could not help but shake. The tableware in her hand fell off with a crisp shattering sound  and broke to the ground.

That day, I clearly heard from my ears what Gu Shizhen said,

“Prepare the surgery and take the heart.”

With this sentence, she lost all hope to survive in the end.


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Hey guys I wanted to clarify something:

Gu Shi’zen/zhen or Gu Shi Ting – are all the same person. Gu Wei Wei’s past lover.

Also if you guys see other mistakes or some of it doesn’t make sense, by all means, please comment it below. After all, I’m just a new editor and I’m also a beginner in this area

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