Sweet Pampering

Sweet Pamperinng 50

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang

Translator : CubbyFox

Editor : Etereal

Chapter 50

After the dinner party at the clubhouse, when Madam Fu was on the way home, she received a call from Meng Ruya. “Aunty, I just received an email from MG. MG and the Gu family will send lawyers to negotiate next week. I really didn’t know that it was an imitation … ”

Madam Fu calmly listened to Meng Ruya’s words and asked, “How is your mother?”

“Not too good. Her old illness returned. She just took medicine and went to sleep. She did not even have dinner.” Meng Ruya’s voice was faint, as she cried.


Madam Fu listened and her heart softened. She did not give birth to any daughters, but for  these few years, Meng Ruya often came to Mrs. Fu’s house. She has treated Meng Ruya as her own daughter for a long time.


“Don’t worry. I’ll discuss this with my grandson as soon as possible. No matter if it’s the Gu family or the MG’s people, I’ll help you solve this problem.”


“Thank you, aunty. You are the person who treats me the best …” Meng Ruya stopped crying and thanked her with gratitude.


Grandma Fu likes that shameless Weiwei, so she can only rely on Madam Fu. Luckily, Madam Fu was soft hearted and always spoils her. Once Madam Fu agrees, she will definitely help her to solve this.


As for Weiwei, she revealed the fake painting and made her lose face previously. This time, she embarrassed her again. Next time, she will be prepared. She will definitely seek revenge.


Madam Fu returned to Fu’s old house, and Fu Shiqin rarely did not returned to Tianshui Villa. When he came home from work, he immediately went home to eat.

“Shiqin, when will your big brother return?”


“He will be back in two or three days. What happened?” Fu Shiqin felt odd. His mother rarely asked about work.


Madam Fu asked the maid to pour a glass of water. She sat at the dinning table and explained what happened at the clubhouse. Then, she said, “MG and Gu will be sending lawyers to negotiate. You should sent the best lawyer from the company to help Ruya solve this problem.”


Fu Shiqin lost his appetite and placed his bowl down. He sighed and said, “Why is it her again? Recently, the lawyers from the company’s legal department were busy drafting a detailed agreement with the Wilson group. We do not have the time to manage her affairs.”


“She is your future elder sister-in-law, Her problem is this family’s problem. You have to handle it well for me.” Madam Fu stubbornly said with an unyeilding attitude.


When Grandma Fu heard it, she placed her bowl and chopsticks down. She also lost her appetite.


“What the prospective elder sister-in law? In the last auction, she bought a fake painting and almost destoryed the partnership agreement with the Wilson Group. If Weiwei did not recognize that the painting was fake in time, and persuaded Oldman Ming to give his painting to me, then this ten billion yuan business would have fell through.

Why does she like fake goods so much? She bought fake paintings, and also bought a fake bag. She even cause a lot of trouble for us.” Fu Shiqin shouted in a bad mood.


“Mu Weiwei?” Madam Fu knitted her eyebrows. The Wilson’s business agreement succeeded because of her help?

She does not believe that she has the capability. However, if this was not the case, why did Oldman Ming cared for Weiwei so much today?


“Mother, it is one thing for you to like Meng Ruya. However, our big brother does not like her.” Fu Shiqin said as he lift his bowl to continue to eat. “Plus, elder brother now has a girlfriend …”


“Girlfriend?” Madam Fu and Fu Shengying who was reading the newspaper silently were stunned.


Fu Shiqin saw that they didn’t believe him and he took out his phone to search for a photo he secretly took during this morning’s meeting. He showed the image to his second eldest brother and said, “Look at this injury on our brother’s lips. When he kiss her, the girl must have bite his lips…”

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